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2010-11 NHL Pad Height rules

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  • 2010-11 NHL Pad Height rules

    Looks like it is official that Bettman is going to shrink the gear again, according to Puck Daddy

    "Hopefully some details on the "form-fitting" goalie equipment will come out soon as well. Bettman's been a stickler for "consistency" in the size of goalie gear in the NHL and creating more open space for a shooter. But changes to the equipment always conflicted with concerns about reduced player safety.

    Bottom line: We just hope Brodeur doesn't have to start wearing a corset."

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    Ice is cold.

    Makes sense


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      Who wants to buy into a pot to get this guy assasinated? Or relocated to Mexico?


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        Send here to AZ. without papers. That would be the quickest way to get him sent to Mexico.

        Shame, incredible playoff series, all of them, not only the Cup finals and great players and this guy instead of running with it comes out with more goofiness. Seems someone should mention the close games were the most exciting ones.

        The league is actually pretty successful. Imagine what it would be like with a really good commish. Oh well he is there for life.


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          laughed when i read that title...


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            You know what this reminds me of?



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              So now unless younger players buy expensive fully custom gear, they can't wear NHL standard equipment! Absolutely retarded... Not to mention thus rule only effects short goalies... This making it harder for short goalies to make it to the show than before. Good new for Preds fans though! From the pad rules I heard he would be granted a pad taller than 38"
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                I think we should send BETTMAN to the deep end of the pool.


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                  Originally posted by newgoalie1993 View Post

                  I think we should send BETTMAN to the deep end of the pool.
                  Bettman has been off the deep end for quite a while now.


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                    I wrote up a post on the Competition Committee (Ryan Miller is a member) and their approval for "Form-Fitting" equipment if anyone is interested.

                    Competition Committee Approves ‘Form-Fitting’ Rule – The Goalie Guild

                    If you watch the video with Kay Whitmore at the bottom of the post, at the very end he mentions that form-fitting gear is coming.

                    This is going to be such a chaotic summer. Two goalies that are 6-foot-4 are still going to have different measurements. And then they have to take into consideration the model of pads they wear. I guess every NHL goalie will have a book of measurements that Whitmore looks after. This is getting a little ridiculous.


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                      I have the memo and, well, an interesting read. Someone had a lot of time on their hands.

                      I think I counted 18 goalies that will be ABOVE the 38" pad height of yesteryear, and then some, will be decreasing in size tremendously!
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                        Originally posted by Marcelo Cordoba View Post
                        ...and then some, will be decreasing in size tremendously!
                        Age does terrible things to the body.


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                          Because there are always a hefty handful of AHL goalies that get called up and play NHL games, wouldn't the AHL have to implement the same new rules???



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                            up next: goalies are only allowed to play in a manthong and a badminton raquet for a stick.

                            Seriously, want more goals? get better forwards. What's the merit in a 100 point season if the goalies are having to shrink their gear every season.

                            On second thought, the manufacturers must be having a field day with all of this.



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                              I think goal scoring has gone up just over 7% since the Lockout ended.

                              It's hard to imagine the NHL is actually going to implement a rule where smaller goalies get smaller, while allowing big goalies to stay big, and in some cases get even bigger if they wanted to.

                              Sucks for Toskala.