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Best Goalie stick on the market?

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  • Best Goalie stick on the market?

    I've started playing again after about 10years on the sideline and not sure who is making the best goalie stick on the market. Is going the composite route the best bang for my buck?

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      Asking for the best goalie stick is like asking what the best pads are... it's all personal preference.

      Some people LOVE the composite, some people hate it. There are a ton of different kinds of sticks you can choose from... composite.. foam core.. wood.. etc.

      What kind of weight are you looking for? Is durability or performance more important? What kind of curve? Do you want a more flex-y or stiffer stick? What are you used to? What price range are you working with?

      I used wood sticks my entire time playing and I got a composite last year and I'm still debating whether or not I like it or not so I'm probably going to go back to wood once this one gives out on me. Go to some stores and try shooting a few pucks around.


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        Nike/Bauer XX sticks are awesome and only $99. They will take a beating.


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          My son has used the Nike/ Bauer XXX sticks and we keep sending them back due to cracking on the paddle area. Bad luck with the XX's too. For the money I personally use a Sherwood . I think it's a C6 or C9 foam core with reinforced areas . The Sherwood iron carbon is also good . For the value and durability go with a wood or foam core . You can get 2 for the price of one composite.


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            Originally posted by ariesgroove View Post
            Is going the composite route the best bang for my buck?
            Composites are not manufactured for durability.


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              Sherwood (SWD) 9950 SOP's or RBK 7K's.. No doubt both are top of the line.


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                Originally posted by nik133 View Post
                Hahaha, that gave me a real good laugh.

                Believe it or not, I like the Sherwood 5030 featherlites. I actually haven't been to a stick rack in awhile so I wouldn't know about the latest stuff. I just know that a full composite would be a waste of money for me since I don't play the puck that often. A stick is merely to stop those high blocker side shots (with the shaft) or along the ice in paddle down or butterfly. That's to me anyway. 5030s are cheap, light, and they get the job done.

                Right now I have a few Sherwood SOPs that I got offline, and a Montreal 9000 Esche curve. All decent sticks.

                I don't really go through all that many. I think I've broken a Heaton 6, one or two 5030s, an SOP, and a Montreal 9000 in 9 years of play. I remember breaking the SOP the 2nd or 3rd time out on it. I was getting the puck out of the net after I got scored on and some little kid skated where my stick was and clotheslined himself between it and the post. It flexed and made a cracking sound. Afterward, in the locker room, I flexed it once and it snapped about 3 inches up the paddle. I was so mad.

                Lil bastard deserved it.



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                  I like to play the puck and currently using a Sherwood (wood), which I have no problems with using...I"ve seen the RBK Xpulse for about $80 and like the feel of it, I don't know much about the foam core sticks, but i'm very interested in the Composite. I've been told that the composites are durable and great for playing the puck. I know someone who works at Play it Again sports and he said that he has had great feedback about the TPS goalie stick. anyone use the TPS stick?


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                    I like the Itech GSPro foamcore stick (DiPietro curve for me). It sells for about $80 but I got mine from the local pro shop, mis-marked at $35. Good balance, very durable and obviously a good price even at regular retail .



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                      Sher-Wood 9950 SOP , thatīs the best stick I think


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                        Like some other guys said, it's all going to be personal preferance.

                        I'm 14 now, just about 15, and I've been using Christian goal sticks since I was 8.

                        I've always loved them. When I was about 10, I switched to the Christian Curtis Curve sticks, and can't play with a regular stick anymore.


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                          This past season i went through 3 RBK (top of the line, dont know wat K or w.e they are in a dump now), then went to my stick savior, Montreal Toivonen Nitro. Its just built better than the RBK and reinforced better, like the short shaft and slight curve. Has a graphite reinforced heel, so it wont break apart.

                          Back up, a trusty koho 580!


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                            SWD sticks

                            I have a question regarding two SWD sticks, and did not feel like making a new thread. What is the difference between the SWD 9950 and the SWD G7000?


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                              witch stick would be the lightest?

                              currently i am using a vapor xx and i feel like its really heavy on the blade.

                              p.s. it a p31 in case that helps