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"Official" Cubberly Mask Thread

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  • "Official" Cubberly Mask Thread

    I've been a lurker on the board for a while now. I think Ed deserves his own thread so I thought I would start one with info about the fantastic mask I received a few weeks ago from him.

    I'll start the review with the most important info. I've used the mask a couple of times and have already taken one hard shot and a few decent shots without feeling a thing. As many of you know Ed has made mask for several NHL goalies most notably Mike Richter so I don't believe I will have any problems with stinging or ringing. Also, Ed has been making masks for 32 years. 12 of those years you could see his mask on many of NHLers like Burke, Muzzatti, Barrasso, Kolzig, Carey, Dafoe, Schwab, Tabarracci, Stauber, Joseph, Hebert, Wakaluk, Young, Hrivnak, Shtalenkov, Brathwaite, Sidorkiwicz,Dobson and Pietrangelo. They are constructed from multiple layers of Kevlar, Carbon, and fiberglass throughout the entire mask and not just in pieces for reinforcement. The cages are hand made and welded individually at each joint.

    Because it is a mask made from my a mold of my head and face the fit is absolutely amazing. It is without a doubt the most comfortable mask I've worn. It's more comfortable than my Armadilla and my mask I put the Maltese gel into. Honestly, it is a little heavier than the Armadilla when you hold them but when I'm wearing it I don't notice the added weight.

    I've pretty much only ever worn the certified cages so that's what I'm used to and that's the cage style I chose for my Cubberly mask. Again being a custom mask the cage is lined up properly so I can also say that my vision out of this mask is better than any previous one I've had including the Armadilla.

    The other plus I noticed with my Cubberly is speaking. With the Armadilla whenever I said anything it sounded very muffled and from what I learned from team mates very hard to hear. Don't have that problem with the Cubberly, which I believe is because of where my mouth is in relation with the cage.

    The workmanship on the mask is second to none. I can't get over the fact that the finish on the inside of the mask is just as smooth as the outside. I can't imagine how many extra hours are spent on that alone. Also, durability can't be judged right away but while I was there Ed happened to have a mask he made 19 years ago that was sent back ONLY to be repadded. The mask was still in incredible shape especially since it's been used for the past 19 years.

    I honestly had no intentions of buying a new mask since my current one I was using was holding up quite nicely. When I was reading reviews for Cubberly's mask I realized he lived in the same state as me and was only an hour away. How could a resist not having a full custom made mask from a legend like Ed. After a bunch of emails ([email protected]) I made an appointment to stop by and have the mold made. Everything went nice and smooth, Ed couldn't have been any nicer. The fun was after the mold was made when I got to see his wall of fame, and a bunch of masks he made for pros that they sent back for him to keep. It was all very cool stuff and his stories were quite interesting as well.

    For those of you that don't live within driving distance you can still get a Cubberly. He says he prefers to make the mold himself but since that's not always possible he can use a mold that you made yourself.

    His customer service is great. I got frequent updates, and a lot of help with the paint work. I wanted something custom but couldn't really think of anything good that I wanted on there. After a ton of emails back and forth, a picture I found online, some guidance as to what would and wouldn't look good, we came up with an idea, had it sketched and painted.

    I highly recommend a Cubberly mask. I can't say enough good things about the experience and more importantly the mask itself. Anybody that is interested can email him at [email protected] or call (201) 874-3423 and if you want he will call you to give you the information. If anyone wants more info about my experience email me at [email protected].

    nick586 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I'm not the greatest photographer but I will be adding a few more pictures.
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    Cubbely masks are so a "Hockey Classic". When I was a kid, there was 3 masks I would recognize all the time: Lefebvre, Itech (Jerry Wright) and Cubberly.

    Nice mask!


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      Nice Lid!

      Awesome mask Nick!
      Nice review.
      I had the same cool experience with Ed.
      He sends constant updates, and sometimes just calls to say hello.
      Ed is making mine at this moment.
      Well actually, it's at Ed's Artist's shop at this moment.
      We've been going back & forth with the Artist for a couple of weeks now, discussing my/our ideas, and his design sketches for my mask.
      He has started penciling in the design on my mask, and he waits for step by step approval of his work, before the paint is applied.
      My mask should be done soon.

      Good luck with it!
      Ben N


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        Very cool, i was wondering when someone was gonna start a Cubberly thread! I gotta ge me one of Ed's jems!


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          Here's mine:


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            And mine:


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              Ben's New Custom Cubberly Mask, I'm Doin' Backflips!!!

              Hi All,
              Thank you for reading my post.
              Well, my mask is finally finished. And I am extremely excited and proud, to share some pictures and a few comments with you. All pictures are at the end of this post.
              First off, I would like to thank Mr. Ed Cubberly and "Da Artist" for doing such a superb job on my mask. I can honestly say that it turned out FAR better than my wildest expectations, and that it was an extreme pleasure dealing with them!
              For those of you that don't really know me, I am a VERY particular guy, that wants what he wants, and nothing less. I have a difficult time settling for anything but that! Possibly OCD, but who knows?

              With that being said, here we go:
              It all basically started in May '07 when I began discussions with Ed about the whole process, what I wanted, and what I can/should expect.
              I came to learn that Ed is also a prefectionist (just like I am), and he will NOT release his product to the customer, until HE, AND his customer are happy with the end result!
              The following week, my Wife & I drove to meet with Ed in NJ from Long Island, so he could take the full mold of my head, and so that we could begin thinking about a custom paint scheme.
              All went smoothly (knock on wood), as Ed patiently applied the molding materials to my cranium, following the prep work to my head (vaseline, stocking cap, etc.)!

              As the negative mold, postive mold, and my mask were being made, Ed was gracious enough to e-mail me pictures, as well as call me with frequent progress reports.

              While Ed was constructing my mask, we continued discussing what type of paint scheme that I wanted.
              Being that I MUST be different and original, I decided to go with a "Bada Bing!" theme on my new mask, complete with Glamorous Babes, a couple of Wiseguys, lit-up Bada Bing! signs, fresh Bullet Holes w/smoke, and "Da Artist" decided to add a portrait of Mr. Frank Sinatra in the background, overlooking the whole deal.
              On my chin is NUNZ, which is short for Nunziato (my Last Name).
              The Artist furnished us with weekly sketches, for approval and/or changes. After quite a few sketches and minor adjustments, the Artist NAILED IT completely, and I issued my final approval for the paint job.

              These pictures really do not do this mask justice, as far as I am concrened.
              If you see it in person, you could see that he was actually able to use the lighting in the images, to capture the "mood" that I wanted to have set. If you look closely, you can even see that there are patrons cheering behind the Ladies!!!
              I cannot believe the detail that he was able to depict.
              The more I look at it, the more detail I see.

              The backplate paint job, kinda speaks for itself.
              I wanted the eyes to look menacing, and "don't "F" with me...
              The raised eyebrow is actually somthing that I do with my own eyebrows, and I wanted that to be depicted as well.

              BTW, this was the first time that Ed actually did a custom molded backplate, as opposed to a generic size back plate. This way my head is completely encased with a more comfortable fit.

              Ed also gave me a bunch of extra straps (both black & white), clips, different size padding, and extra hardware too.

              Anyway, I picked up my new mask on Friday 8/31/07, and below are just a few pics of her.
              If you would like to see it at a different angle or something, please feel free to let mek now.
              Thanks again for reading my post,
              Ben Nunziato
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                More Pictures of Ben's Cubberly Mask!

                More Pics!

                Thanks again,
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                  A couple more...

                  Couldn't get all of the dust to stay off of it during picture taking.
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                    Beautiful mask! I cannot wait to get my head into one of Ed's masks when the time is right. The paint came out great too...Who is Ed's artist? Definitely surprised to see nipples on your mask!

                    P.S. I thought Ed doesn't use single bar cages?


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                      Thank you very much Hockey3081.
                      I figured if ya seen one nipple, ya seen 'em all... LOL...
                      I just HAD to be different!
                      Yes, Ed didn't really want to use the single bar, but with the leagues that I play in, it should be just fine. Plus I did a lil' pleading too...


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                        haha it looks like some kind of weird surgery about to take place in the first picture. sweet mask.


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                          Didn't Richter face several concussions during his career?


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                            Please don't derail this thread into a mask war...


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                              Originally posted by goaliejew View Post
                              Didn't Richter face several concussions during his career?

                              Richter never had a concussion in a Cubberly.

                              If you want to discuss the amounts of concussions and head injuries different pros have had in "X" mask start a new thread so we keep this one free of flame war, garbage, trouble and so forth. Thanks.