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From New to In-the-Know: A Guide to Posting on the GSBB

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  • From New to In-the-Know: A Guide to Posting on the GSBB

    If you thought of a question, someone else probably thought of it, too. The Goalie Store Bulletin Board (GSBB) community has seen a lot of posts over the years, and this guide tries to answer your questions before you post.

    Most importantly, before you post, do a search. Use the built-in search feature at the top right corner, or use Google’s domain search. To use the Google search, type this text into the search box:

    [search topic here]
    Read these guidelines because most members agree with them. Everyone will be happy to help you if you follow them.


    Do a search. Yup, I said the same thing again. If your results don't come up with anything useful the first time, use more specific words. Also, use different combos of your words. You can help more help at the following link:
    Starting a New Thread

    Use descriptive titles.

    Don't post images of women and/or men in suggestive (or no) clothing. People from all ages visit this site, and Paul Fricker, the host of the GSBB, does not want that content here.

    Discussing Pro Goalies’ Gear

    People discuss the latest gear that pro goalies wear in the “Gear Sightings” thread. The title has always been misspelled. If you have to ask a question about the latest gear that [NHL goalie] is wearing, post in the thread rather than start a new one.Pro pads are made to the pro’s specs. You might be wondering about the mods that your favorite pro has on his pads, but it doesn’t matter if they have mods. You probably don’t need gear like theirs.

    Showing Off New Gear

    Post pics of your new gear in the following thread. Don’t start a new thread; it clutters the board.Add your pics to the matching manufacturer’s thread.Include on-ice/court experience in an equipment review. Otherwise, it’ll be moved to the Equipment Forum. If you want to write an ongoing review, start it in the Equipment Forum and request a mod to move to the Equipment Review form once you have on-ice/court experience.

    If you ask for opinions after buying new gear, expect some ribbing. It makes no sense to ask for opinions after you’ve spent your money. You should’ve done a search.

    Buying New Gear

    When asking for advice on what to buy, provide as much detail as you can. Tell us what you currently wear, what has worked for you in the past, what hasn't, what is your playing style, and what is your budget.

    Asking for the best [insert equipment] is hard because your gear must help your existing skills. Here’s the answer: choose whatever best fits your game.

    The style of pad should not determine your style of play. Goalies in traditional pads can butterfly. Goalies in box pads can make skate saves. Choose the gear that feels the most comfortable and that best matches your playing style.There is generally a trade-off between the following: mobility and protection, weight and durability. In other words, more mobile gear will be less protective. Lighter gear will be less durable.

    The only people who can truly give you a comparison between [product x] and [product y] and [product z] are those who have owned them all. Otherwise, people can give only incomplete opinions.

    Be careful about ordering modifications (“mods”). Do it only if you understand its purpose. Having mods just for the sake of having mods can cost you more money and make you wait longer for your gear. It also increases the chance that someone will mess up your order.

    Pro-return gear is generally lighter and less durable than retail gear.

    Pro-return gear doesn’t mean that the pro wore the gear. It could only be made to their specs.

    The size of the leg pads depends on your ankle-to-knee measurement. A resource is available at this link.Measure from your knee cap to the desired height on your thigh to determine how tall you want your pad. It's hard to say "+1" or "+2" or even "+3" because each company has a different stock thigh rise.Equipment companies produce equipment outside of North America because they save money on labor costs. Some companies, but not all, save even more money by using cheaper materials. NOTE: Most senior lines and some pro lines (e.g. Nike Bauer Vapor XXX skate cowling, RBK C/A) are made offshore.

    Graphics and colors do not affect a good shooter’s ability to score. Focus on improving your skills, not choosing colors to distract shooters.

    Choose the color combo that YOU like. If you really want to make a poll, be ready for scorn.

    Spend as much money as your budget allows on your head gear and on your chest-and-arm protector. They protect the most important and delicate organs in your body. If possible, spend lots of time trying on as many models as you can to find the one that fits and feels the best.

    Asking for the best mask is tough to answer because different manufacturers have different beliefs about the best materials and methods. These differences have caused many “mask wars” and many closed threads.Spend as much money as you can on your head gear (mask or helmet). It’s worth protecting your brain. Bruises on your body will heal. It’s better to spend your money upgrading your head gear than getting it painted.The Itech 1200 is dubbed the “Widowmaker.” It’s not safe at all. Replace it immediately.
    Shipping dates will usually change. It’s often not the retailers’ fault.

    Be sure to talk to your retailer before posting any complaints. Give the retailer the chance to show off its good/average/bad customer service.

    The best time to order is during the hockey season. The worst time to order gear is during the summer because everyone else, including the pros, are ordering gear.

    Upcharges depends on the retailers. Contact different retailers for the best price.

    Posting Comments and Replies

    As best as you can, write full words and sentences, and use proper grammar. People may not be familiar with Internet shorthand/lingo, especially those whose first language is not English.

    Quote the text, but not the pictures. If you do, your picture will turn into a cat.

    Don’t bypass the swear filter. You will be banned.

    Debate ideas. Don't attack people. Be respectful and people will be respectful back to you.

    Of course we can’t do [insert technique/move] better than [NHL goalie]. But since they’re paid athletes in an entertainment industry, they are open to critique from normal people like us.