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finish on skate blade peeling, any advice?

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  • finish on skate blade peeling, any advice?

    I just got my new pair of Bauer 7000 skates and I wore them for the first time last night. When I was drying them off, I saw that the finish on the skate blade was peeling off. The finish along the entire inside edge of my skate flaked off like it was aluminum foil. It only peeled about half a centimeter vertically up the blade at the most, but it runs almost the entire length of the blade. This is my third pair of Bauer 7000's and I never had this problem before.

    Has anyone seen or heard of this happening before? Also, does anyone think this will pose a problem to the life of the skate? My first thought was that it would cause the blade to rust easier, but I'm not sure of that, it's just a hunch.

    Also, it definetly happened during the ice time because I sharpened them before-hand and there was nothing wrong with them after the sharpening.

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    I have the same skates, I've used them for about a month now and nothing like this has happened.


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      it happens to some of the bauer skates.


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        The same thing happened to my Kohos, and I still didn't have any rust problems 18 months later.


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          that happened to my 3000's and a bit to my 7000's as well


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            don't worry about it
            it shouldn't make a big difference


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              has happened to mine....the only time i wore i dont wanna sell them in fear that hey wont sell for much


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                I've had that happen to my CCM 452s and it doesn't effect my skating.


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                  This happens for a couple of reasons.

                  The first, is that you are looking at Carbon Steel blades that are all produced with a finish on the blade. This finish is merely cosmetic and does not affect the play or quality of the product.

                  Second, if your sharpening lady/gent overheats the blade this peeling will happen and it will be more pronounced.

                  Lord of the Cage