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Differences between Intermediate, Senior & Pro pads?

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  • Differences between Intermediate, Senior & Pro pads?

    I'm sure this has been discussed before but i'm not much of a gear junkie so I was just wondering what's the $300+ difference between Senior leg pads (and other gear and Pro Senior gear? I've played with Jr. pads against AA teams and they did fine. I just got kinda lost on this subject.

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    As a person who wears all Sr gear and no Pro. Buy the Pro models! That is all.

    There really is a noticeable difference in protection.


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      Well to start, as I'm sure people will chime in on this one , I'll try to state a few:

      1) Quality of stitching, components, and straps.
      2) High Quality Impact Materials (resistant to breaking down & protection)
      3) Larger manufacturers get the seniors built offshore
      4) Pro pads will last longer

      That's just a couple, but using senior pads in the past, the only time I would consider them is if I was young, and growing (early teens) , or if I was on a restricted budget.

      Better option to score pro used than senior new.

      Just my thoughts.....


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        Basically, its softer and the inside edges are usually cordura-nylon instead of syn. leather.

        You could make a pro pad for the cost of a sr. and have the same markup , but then the co. can't make a large profit on the pro pads.


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          I've been using a set of Reebok Senior pads and gloves for over three months now and they've been awesome for the price I paid, I don't know what can be said for other brands though. I've used the RBK Pro gear and can notice little difference between it and the Senior gear as far as performance and protection. Yes Senior gear is of lesser quality, but you should know that you get what you pay for of course.

          Depending on what level you play and how often, well that should be your main driving factor. I'd say Reebok Senior gear (specifically pads and gloves) would be fine for any beer-leaguer, rec player, or average high school player. If you play a whole lot or at any higher level, you may want to consider the Pro level stuff. Just remember that you can buy about three sets of pads and gloves for the price of one Pro set and there honestly won't be too much difference in performance and protection.

          I ONLY say all of this in regards to my experiences using Reebok equipment


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            I have purchased SR. in the past thinking it will do just fine but about three months down the road with playing just twice a week I noticed the pad was already breaking down, not with the stitching or any of the visual aspects of the pad by I could feel the shots on my shins and around the knee area. I know putting out the extra cash may hurt but its better than having to sell them for a loss and put out even more cash for a pro set. I didn't mention the name of the pads since I don't want to bad mouth them, it could of just been a fluke and I picked up a bad pair. I did stay with the same brand but just went with the PRO and now two years later still no problems. (Just telling you about MY past experience)

            Have a great New Year,

            THE GATEKEEPER


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              Senior vs Intermediate?

              Is this a big size difference (in terms of surface/coverage area) in Louisville gloves between Senior & Intermediate?


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                i dont own tps gloves, but i have tried on a int. bionic glove, and it fits a lot like a senior. not only is the actual glove bigger, but the inner glove in which you hand fits inside seemed pretty roomy for an int. as well. i have pretty big paws, and it wasnt even a squeeze to get it in there.


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                  there space for your hand is smaller and the gloves circumderence and cuff is smaller the blocker is also smaller


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                    No one knows if the size difference is significant? I think the smaller glove part would fit me better but I'm not sure I want to compromise for a smaller catch/block area.



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                      Intermediate Vs. Senior Pads

                      I am looking to upgrade my pads (Currently have 32" Bauer reactor 1's and knee are starting to feel it). Shopping online since I live in New Mexico and have no way of looking at or trying pads on. I found some Heaton Helite-Z Pro pads online. They have them in 32" intermediate and 32" senior sizes with a considerable price difference between the two. My question is what would the difference be between the intermediate and senior pads that would cause the price difference?



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                        Intermidiate-They are not as wide as senior, at 11 inches. They are alsi usually made in China. But I am not sure if the Heatons are, I also think they are more flexable for the little kids.

                        Senior- Wider(12 inches), made in Canada, usually more stiff.

                        Really the big difference is width,


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                          The boot channel is also usually a little smaller on intermediate pads to accomodate a smaller skate size.


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                            Difference between INT and Senior help..

                            Hey guys, ive had a few post here and got lots of useful info.

                            Anyways, im slowly finishing off getting my full set of gear and looking for a catcher/trapper.
                            Currently I am using a Senior Bauer Reactor pro model.. now I find that my hand fits in it alright..

                            The blocker feels fine (other than the odd shape of the reactor blocker)

                            heres the issues.. with the glove.

                            I have really thin wrist and even when I thighen the strap around my wrist fully it still feels quite loose and the glove seems to slide off..

                            The closing is good, my fingers and wrist get fatigued sometimes because it does feel like my hand is a little small for the glove.

                            Now im by no means really small and my hands are not small..

                            im about 5"9, but quite skinny.. I went dukes (very close to me) to check out blocker/gloves (only had time to try on some seniors)... the guy said I should be wearing a senior..
                            So now Im thinking of going down to an intermediate set (RBK Blue/White Weave INT set) that the goalie crease has... Just wondering if this is something that would solve the problem with the sliding and feeling that the glove is going to come off, the goalie crease is quite far and really want to go their only if im going to purchase it..
                            Any suggestions? Thanks guys.


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                              I've seen some goalies wear like a baseball batting glove inside the mitt. That might help. I think it's illegal though. Not sure. I wear wrist bands to absorb some sweat to keep my hand and glove dry. Once my glove gets wet inside it really sucks.