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  • Custom Eagle Pads?

    Ok so I want to get me some custom Eagle pads, isn't one of the reps a memeber here? His name escapes me at the moment but anyways heres my you think they could make me a pad as follows? Or would this only be like a pro mod job...

    Ok so I want the front of the extreme like so...

    But I don't want the cheater **** on the inside...

    I want it to look like the Dx2 cheaters...

    I want the back of the infinity pads...

    I also want pro knee wedges...the square ones... but I want a cald wedge like the RBK has....

    On top of the regular inifinity side...

    Also on the front of the pad I want the extreme outside rolls....

    And on top I want the new eagle graphic designed by our very own GSBB member....

    How much would that run me and if Eagle wouldn't do it do you think ******* would except a new graphic?


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    I'm sure that Eagle can do all of those mods for you. They pride themselves in being Eagle Custom Sports.

    You'll need to find a retailer to quote you an exact price.

    Nice choice on the pad graphic, BTW.


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      I'm loving illustrations!


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        Hahahaha, thanks. Yea, I wanted to make it very clear what I wanted so i just got pics.


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          They won't do the calf wedge like RBK, I asked them to when I had mine done and they said they won't but other than that, they should be able to do everything else.


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            Do you think they'd make any calf wedge at all or is that just a no no?


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              Wow so I basically just made the Sentry pad I guess I'll just wait until they come out so I won't ahve to pay for the upcharges of the mods and just get a pro knee wing with it and ta da I'll have my dream pads.


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                i have a calf wedge on my Infinites. shouldn't be a problem. get it covered with jenpro. cordura wears a lot quicker.