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Need an anti-fog solution for RecSpecs...

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  • Need an anti-fog solution for RecSpecs...

    I need vision correction and cannot get used to wearing contacts. I have astigmatism that requires me to wear a toric lens, when I blink the lens rotates and I end up worse off than I would be without them in. In addition I just can't get used to how they feel.

    I have chosen to wear RecSpecs. They fit comfortably with the mask on and offer me much clearer vision than I would've gotten with contacts in. My only complaint about them is they fog up during play. I've purchased a solution called FogTech that's made for motorcycle goggles and sports applications and my first experience with it was only decent. They seemed to keep my lenses fog-free until I removed my mask during a break in play. When I put the mask back on, they began to fog up again. In addition, the way the solution needs to be applied it's nearly impossible not to get some streaking. Obviously being able to see the puck is pretty important and I want to see if there's anything out there on the market that will meet my needs.

    Anyone out there wearing RecSpecs have a reccommendation for a good anti-fog solution?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I've seen a lot of players use shampoo on both their shields and glasses. They just rub it on before they play. I have no idea if it works, but I'd assume it works fine.


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      Originally posted by elite
      I've seen a lot of players use shampoo on both their shields and glasses. They just rub it on before they play. I have no idea if it works, but I'd assume it works fine.
      Another strange way is to use shaving cream. I saw it on the show "How clean is your house?" They rubbed shaving cream on the mirror so it would fog up. I tried it on my bathroom mirror and it worked and actually lasted a while. I guess if you already have some it can't hurt to try it right?


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        When I was a kid, I didn't have contact lenses & had to wear my regular glasses in goal. The best solution for anti-fog, is to use liquid dish soap. witha dab or two, coat the entire lense surface (front & back) by rubbing it around. Then, let the film of soap dry. It should only take a couple minutes. Then using a soft cloth, or even some tissues, 'buff' the lense untill it is clean & clear. It will take a few times to get them perfect so you don't get 'stars' around bright lights etc. If you do this correctly, the lenses will not even fog up in the shower!

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          I wear Rec Specs when I play. Right now I'm using AFR fog juice that I got at East West Hockey -- it says on the label it's for use on Oakley sunglasses. I squirt a little bit on each surface, rub it around in with my fingers, and buff with a cotton T-shirt. It seems as though the longer I've had them and done that, the better it works.

          When you order your Rec Specs, don't get the antireflective or anti-scratch coatings on the lenses. They eventually deteriorate and make the lenses cruddy to see through.

          And if you normally wear bifocals, don't spend the bucks on that for the rec Specs. You don't actually need to read "Czech Republic" on the puck as it comes close to your head. (Okay, don't ask me how I know. )

          Blaine, why are you wearing your glasses in the shower?


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            Just got done playing this morning. I used my FogTech again and it seemed to work better today. I made sure my lenses were nice and clean before I applied it and put on a thinner coat. I also made sure not to remove my mask during breaks in play and it worked fine. I don't wear bifocals just yet, LOL so my RecSpecs work great. Keep the suggestions coming though, if I can find something that works better I'm more than willing to try it!


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              Originally posted by Timberwoof

              Blaine, why are you wearing your glasses in the shower?
              LOL! Nice one!.

              I wasn't actually wearing them at the time, just noticed that in the steamy hot bathroom after a shower, they weren't fogged up.


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                I have an astigmatism as well and I use contacts. There are a lot of new styles out there for us stricken woth an astigmatism. I tried at least 3 different kinds before I found one I liked.

                The trick is, you have to wear them everyday for about 2 weeks to get used to them. I now only wear them when I play and have no problems.

                I wore Recspecs when I was a defenseman, but went to contacts due to the fogging issue. Nothing worked for me!

                Anyway, ask around about the new toric lenses. You will be surprised!


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                  As Blaine stated. The best thing I found and this goes back some time is liquid dish soap; specifically Ivory Liquid. Relatively cheap and stops the fogging. Put some on a damp cloth, rub it in, let it dry and buff it off.


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                    So Fog Tech has now had 3 shots on my RecSpecs since I posted the original thread. I've found when I clean the lenses thoroughly before treating them with the solution. I am a happy camper and a believer in the FogTech stuff now, in fact, I just ordered some more.


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                      I have adidas sport glasses with clip-on.
                      Im now using a MICRO-Clair (made by Itochu Canada Ltd, Montreal) solution I picked up at my optic over a year ago and it works great for me.
                      Spray it on the lens, wipe it dry and it holds for two or more sessions.


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                        What model of recspecs did you buy? I play goal and have a stigmatism in both eyes. Right now I am wearing contacts but I was thinking about trying some recspecs. Any info or models or what to do/not do would be great.



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                          Lasik surgery. Best solution. Very safe, and getting lest costly too. Plus, some insurance co's are starting to cover it. Theres nothing like au natural.


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                            Lasik Rules!! No more waking up wondering what time it is, because you can't see the clock, no more lost contact lenses, no more broken glasses, it is just awesome.