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HELP!: How to build a stick rack???

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  • HELP!: How to build a stick rack???

    my topic says it. with all the sticks i have just sitting in the corner in my basement and i don't wanna give them up. so i decided to ask my uncle to help me make a stick rack since he is a carpenter and he does a lot of stuff with antique refinishing etc.

    i've search the net trying to find intructions on building a NICE stick rack. you know, the ones the NHL teams have in their arena. something like the stick racks at the Air Canada Center where all the sticks are stood upright and locked up behind a cage.

    if anyone here has any information/pics on how to build one, than it would be greatly appreciated.


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    On today's edition of the San Francisco Garage Workshop, we'll be building this replica of a stick rack from the classic Maple Leaf Gardens lockerroom. Built of pine two-by-fours and plywood, it should fit in with the decor of most any lockerroom and provide years of excellent service.

    But first, the most important piece of safety equipment: Any real hockey player knows, never step out on to the ice without your cup. But in the wood shop, always wear your eye protection.

    We cut up these pieces of plywood [ziiirrrrm!], smear on some glue, fasten it together with fastap screws [wirrm, wirrm, wirrm], and stain it with an old sweaty rag. All done. Isn't it a beauty?!

    Join us next week, when we'll build this fancy slide-board.

    Okay, seriously: any carpenter could come up with a design. Well, it's got to be tall enough (say four or five feet) and wide enough to hold several sticks (say a foot or two wide). It's got to have a back and sides, plus a sloped bottom with a lip to keep the sticks from sliding out.

    I need one for my basement ... would you pay fifty bucks for a kit?


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      I also had the idea to make one for my many sticks (not all of them for goal). I'll post a pic and tell you how it comes out.



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        i have a "stick rack",it serves for 2 a wall,so it keeps out the intruders.two-i lean my sticks against this wall and *poof*,it becomes a stick rack,amazing isnt it

        seriously,just lean them against the wall...if anybody really has enough sticks that they need a stick rack i would say it'd half to be jukka,i mean,with his own equipment factory next to his rec room and all...


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          I just wear underwear.


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            Originally posted by kevinthenet:
            I just wear underwear.
            LOL.. boxers work good too