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  • New Mask?

    Hi, currently i have an itech 2000 mask it has held up well but i am afraid how much longer it will last as it is 6 years old. I have a MAX budget of $320 USD and i would like to get the best mask possible for that price if not hopefully a little cheaper so far i have considered the SportMask Riccochet and the KOHO 570 and the TPS GM1 or the NXI Phantom or possibly the WJD 902 goal mask i was wondering if anyone knows anything about them and what one i should go for.

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    Also - masks to avoid

    I've heard various brands / models referred to as "widowmakers" or "street hockey crap"...any quick summaries on ones to avoid would also be helpful.


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      try an Olie 2000 they would fit your budget i think


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        A few that would fit your budget:

        - Olie 2000
        - DS Matrix
        - Van Velden
        - Sportmask Ricochet (or is it Razor)?
        - Itech 4600

        Do a search on those, and youll come up with a hell of a lot of info.

        -- George.


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          I would recommend the sportmask Riccochet as I've trid it on and the fit and finish is fantastic for the price. I contacted Tony at Sportmask and asked him what the major differences in the Riccochet vs. Razor were. He said they offer the same level of protection. The Razor is just designed to have better longevity if your playing a high level of hockey.

          You could also consider watching eBay. I just picked up a brand new top of the line Eddy Custom LT for not much more than your looking to spend.

          Theres a couple of nice ones on there right now Itech 961, Eddy Custom LT (a bit more money), etc..

          Put in a lowball bid and see if you win. That's what I did. I never actually expected to win the auction for my mask.


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            I have a Itech 4601 with a cat eye and i love it. Youd have to do some butcher work on the foam though to get it to fit properly. But ive taking quite a few shots of the head the last couple of weeks and not had a single ringer, just a loud clack sound


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              Anything on the CCM GF6 goal mask because i love the Metal Demon paint scheme?


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                WJD would be a great choice.


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                  Originally posted by Dutchy
                  WJD would be a great choice.
                  Do you even own one?

                  My vote is for the Sportmask or the Olie 2000. I have had two or three 2000's since Olie first introduced them and I love them.

                  I am going to be ordering a Mage II in the next few months or so.


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                    I've heard good things about SportMask and NXi. You may want to look into a Reidic too: Reidic
                    they're around $300 US and a pro level mask.


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                      Originally posted by goleee33
                      Anything on the CCM GF6 goal mask because i love the Metal Demon paint scheme?
                      Pretty much the same construction as the Koho 570. I tried both on a couple years back when i was in the market for a new mask and they felt very similar. The only reason i chose the 570 over the CCM 6 was because I wanted a plain white with a chrome cage and they didn't have any white CCM masks.

                      I personally love the 570 mask. Very comfortable and protective. Never experienced any ringers or damage to the mask in the 3 years I've used it. And its easily within your budget.

                      Thats my recommendation.


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                        Hello Goleee33,

                        I strongly reccomend a NXI Phantom. The Phantom has some great features this year such as no buckels, easy chin adjustment system etc. etc. If you would like some info about it or some pics just shoot me an PM.

                        Have a nice day,



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                          TheTosti, just out of interest, how do you adjust the fitting of the backplate if there's no buckles?
                          I'm just curious, as I don't use a chin cup, I'm just wondering what else can help the adjustment.

                          Sounds interesting tho.


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                            The Phantom isn't using a normal harness. Every strap is a single strap. On the backplate there are single holes, every strap has his own hole. The strap is going to go though one hole and then is fastenend. The other end is going trouhg the slot on the mask.

                            Below I have a link to a thread posted by mudbug. You can see how the straps are fastenend on the backplate. The big difference with my mask is that there are no clips left on the mask. Those are replaced by the " teethsloths"


                            I really hope this makes any sense to you. If not please let me know and I will take some pictures of my backplate.



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                              Oh I get it. So each strap is individually fastened to the backplate?

                              Looks like a cool idea.