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  • Show It Off - Mask Version

    I was doing some cleaning and I found my onld Jofa Goal helmet.. I just though that I would share my mask history. i would like to see if anyone else has their old stuff.

    In Order
    - Cooper (Helmet is missing)
    - Jofa 268 (What can I say, It was a fad)
    - Rhino (Shattered jaw and got VMask)
    - V Mask (I ears are still ringing from this mask)
    - 991 Black (going to get painted w/ HECC Cage)
    - 991 Gold Skull (Love it and hope to always keep it)

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    In order:

    1 - Franklin Street Hockey Mask (yes I wore it for my first few sessions of Ice hockey... let's please not discuss the "merits" of this act of stupidity and put it behind us)

    2 - Bauer Helmet pictured below, but with a Cooper GL-100 that I proceeded to sell to someone on this board quite some time ago (Az i think - apologies, memory fades quick)

    3 - Bauer Helmet pictured below, this time with a Cooper HM-30 & Dangler. Kept on that one until a nasty slapper bent the cage. Still hangs around for inline though

    4 - Eddy mask with my first attempt at homemade graphics by way of Troy Lee Designs:

    5 - Still in the Eddy mask, but some new graphics from Troy Lee.


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      Wow where to begin? So many masks so lil room:

      My old Badger Elite for my Bounty Hunters roller hockey team with Bounty Hunter/ Boba Fett paint Scheme -

      If you look closely at the pic below you can see the subtle Darth Vader in the sky on the forehead.

      My old Van Velden ice hockey helmet with Venom paint scheme -

      My old highschool Calcoat mask with black panther paint scheme -
      I'm currently refurbrishing it and having it repainted so I can use it as a back up mask.

      Check out the subtle team logo in the eye below.


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        My current masks :

        My current dek/roller hockey Jofa 390 helmet with 724 cage -

        My current ice hockey helmet Jofa 390 helmet with Sportmask Irbe cage -
        Soon to be painted like a Tie Fighter pilot helmet


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          Originally posted by evildink
          If you look closely at the pic below you can see the subtle Darth Vader in the sky on the forehead.
          don't you mean boba fett (sp?) ?


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            No I meant Darth Vader... Boba Fett's on the sides of the mask (I'll take a better pic) . My buddy Doug who painted it thought it would be cool to add a subtle Vader image in the sky with the stars and the clouds. So if you look closely you can see aspects of Vaders mask there. His eyes are just above the 2 center air holes and the smalls lines of his mouth piece are being hid a lil by that light glare.


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              ahh i see it now. what i saw was on the forehead. it was actulally the reflection of you taking the picture ! looked like a very subtle boba fett sorry. killer paint jobs by the way.


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                LOL yeah I see what ya mean. Thats just me and my big noggin in the reflection. hehe

                Here's the other pic though:


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                  You interested in selling that Van Velden? And for those of you that have never seen it . . .


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                    Voltron... nice!! Yeah I'm actually just getting ready to put it on ebay. Same goes with the Badger and some other equipment. Need to get some cash up for some new gear.


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                      Nice paint jobs! I especially like the Bounty Hunters mask (me being a huge Boba Fett/ Star Wars fan and all).


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                        I've posted some of mine before, but, well, I like to show them off

                        Here's my first actual mask. Supposed to have a samurai warrior "feel" to it.

                        (Mask is an Itech, can't remember the model number now)

                        Here's my current mask. Canucks inspired theme.

                        (Mask is an Eddy Custom LT, but early model, of about 6 or 7 years ago, I think)
                        This mask blends the current whale logo, into the skate logo, and on the forehead of the mask is the old stick logo.

                        I've also got a bunch of old plastic ball hockey masks, that I had a friend paint up, I'll try to post those pics tomorrow, along with my newest Eddy Custom Kevlar mask that has a Vancouver Giants theme to it (This one probably won't be used, as the paint is just a signpainter's paint, not a nice automotive gloss finish) But it's nice to take it to the Giants games.



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                          Yeah I really like those Mike, especially the Canucks one. I was telling my buddy about it a few weeks ago.


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                            Nice masks everyone. Please keep posting more pics.

                            I am sorry but the V mask is not for sale.. I have been through alot with that mask. It is getting re-done with gold cage.. I have a molson bar sign with a mask on it and that is how I am going to do it up. It is a good mask, nothing wrong with it at all but It will be on a shelf at my bar at home.


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                              VW -Beep, Beep

                              Here is my VW split window done by Sam Russo of mask FX


                              New Addition *Mage*

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