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Equipment tech over the last 5 or so years

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  • Equipment tech over the last 5 or so years

    I understand this place seems to be on life support, but I figured I'd ask my question here anyway.

    In the last 5 or so years, have there been any major advancements in goalie equipment? Is stuff significantly lighter/more protective/etc. when compared to gear from around the early 2010s? I haven't been keeping up to date on this kind of thing. Thanks! For reference, I've got Simmons 997 pads and gloves and also some Smith SP5000 (I think, can't even remember) pads.

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    Foams seem to be getting thinner, by how much hard to say exactly to bring the weight down but most advances would be in the strapping I think. Less leather straps in favour of configurable velcro and looser overall I think with large leg channels.

    Chest pads seem to be more blocky and robot like in my opinion too.


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      everything is getting lighter. Sticks n skates have really come a long way... The older I get the more I learn that good goaltending can be achieved regardless of what year gear you're wearing as long as the gear is in good working order. There is still a place for a good positional stand up type game. I see guys flopping around on every shot no matter where it goes and just smh.