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best material to reduce oversliding & aid recovery ?

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  • best material to reduce oversliding & aid recovery ?

    i'm new to the whole butterfly / slide / recovery techniques ......
    i've managed to figure out the attack angle, loose pads at the bottom & 1S skates w/ taller runners to prevent blow outs ..... but i seem to overslide & have trouble with recovery movements .... it feels like im swimming around & struggling to recover.

    natrally, over time, i'll get more proficient, but have tried putting tape on the pads to build up snow & give me more "traction". [i saw that Hiller would have nylon on his knee landing area to reduce sliding]

    has anyone had success with any specific material ? my latest test will be with soft velcro - self adhesive.

    thanks in advance

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    H Dean,

    Welcome to the world of goaltending . I've been a goalie since 1986 and I haven't heard of such a mod, to slow down a goalies movements along the ice. You might want to find some goalie lessons and work on your technique so you can have powerful slides, but in control as to not over slide.

    PS - If anything, pad materials are allowing goalies to slide even faster than the jenpro allows. Both Bauer 1S and CCM Eflex3 use a speed-skin technology.
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      I put WD-40 on the side of my pads to slide more...


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        just to clarify, i have been playing since 1978, started ice in 1990. mostly a stand up goalie at the beginning, now more of a hybrid.

        i do understand that over time technique will improve, i have been watching many videos and experimenting at open hockey,

        my question is more a question about material / modifications that anyone else has had success with in a attempt to get a modern pad ( i use Brian's NETZERO pads) have a bit more "grip"

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          you'll just have to practice your technique and edges. Don't use that stuff. It'll just impede the advancement of your play.


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            I agree with ruckus007, there is no need to slide less - it is about technique that you slide where you want and with as little effort. If you start put other materiál on your pads, it just damages your technique.

            btw. I´m not sure, that nylon knees on Hiller pads make them noticeably "less sliding". Tried it and not saw any real difference..


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              Yea, don't do that. You'll end up with **** on your pads when you wanna take off the velcro or worse, damage the top layer of the jenpro. Just keep practicing. I was shaky at first too going from 20-something years of inline and jumping right into ice. Go to open hockey sessions and use that time to practice your movements. Use your warm up time before games but stay to the side boards, don't do it in the net. Let the guys shoot while you practice on the side.


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                Get your crease nice and scuffed up to give more grip with all the snow and don't clean it out.


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                  thx for the tips ..... but i already do the open ice hockey, snow & practice thing.

                  im simply asking if anyone has experimented w various materials, as i like to come up with my own mods.

                  I've made elastic boot straps, DIY HAL straps, DIY skate mounted boot risers ......

                  so, this is more of a mod / experimentation / material question & not a 'just ptactice' thread
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                    You could try an all Nylon inner gusset (side of pad that touches ice), plus nylon knee, plus nylon calf wing. In the late 90's early 2000s a lot of pads were like that and I remember I couldnt slide at all in them as a kid. Suspect that would be a lot of work but if you can sew it might be worth modifying it if you're really that dissatisfied with your current setup.

                    Im with everyone else though, sounds like a technique issue, working on leg and core strength will help with stability and precision on the ice. But since you want to mod (ruin) your pads try what I mentioned above. I think it will hinder your game though. Just my .02


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                      gonna try a new mod friday which should add just a bit more grip & can be removed if not. nothing i will do to my pads will ruin them, so no sewing or glue etc etc etc .... whatever i try will be easily undone.

                      [also, i dont see any strength or technique issue when i try to move my pad and it slides out from under me]


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                        ok, found my solution.

                        i got skid guard adhesive for steps & cut to small strips. it added just a bit more grip, but still allowed sliding. now i have the ability to recover a bit quicker after a save & not feel like i'm "swimming" or "spinning my wheels" struggling to get up, move across or get back up on my skates after a save. in time, i can remove them as i feel more comfortable & the general techniques become second nature. thanks for all of your input, guys !!

                        1. Step Skid Guard Tape

                        2. there are many types of these materials to select from