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  • Goalie Mask Replacement

    I currently have an Eddy GT ii Ultimate that I got in 2010. It's protected me super well in that I've never had a hint of a ping on hundreds of shots off the cage and mask. Best $300 bucks I ever spent.

    However, it's definitely seen better days. It's still protecting like a champ even now... but I'd rather start looking for a replacement now before it becomes mission critical that I need one.

    I wear a size 7 5/8 hat and prefer a cat eye over straight bar. What would be the most similar mask to the one I have? I have had no issues with it and really really like the protection. Also, I want it to stay in the same price range if possible. I play low to midrange adult league hockey. So, I'm not seeing monsterous slapshots or anything of that ilk.

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    Since you have time, I would recommend Protechsport. Michel will make you an all fiberglass for $335 CAD. You can do a head mold for an absolute perfect fit or I used calipers and sent Michel some measurements and he'll pick the closest mold he has for me. He's about 6 months out at this point, but if you can wait it is well worth it.


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      That was the conclusion I was starting to come to by looking around here. I've heard nothing but glowing reviews for it. And yeah. 25 weeks is kinda nuts but realistically that's a couple more games and the summer season. And it should be worth it
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        Also if you love your current mask so much and have down time between seasons why not have it refurbished? If the shell is still in good condition some new foam, a new cage and harness, and some new hardware will go a long way and would probably be cheaper. If you're dead set on getting a new mask and like any of the shells Protechsport offers then definitely give that a shot as long as your current mask will last you another 6 months.


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          It's that the shell has a pretty rockin chip. Down to the fiberglass. I can post a picture. It's attached. I can send a closer one when home too. For reference. There is a chip through to the fiberglass in that white area. Not a huge one, but enough to make me start considering a long term replacement.
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            Oh ok yea if I would definitely look at getting it replaced. I am sure someone could still patch it but it may cost as much as just getting a new Protechsport. Good luck!