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Bauer Padded Goalie Base Layer Pant

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  • Bauer Padded Goalie Base Layer Pant

    I saw a kid's version of these and they looked interesting. I'm sure they won't do away with regular knee / thigh protection, but the added padding on the knees and inner thighs would come in handy when the normal knee/thigh gear slips (or the puck finds that perfect spot that isn;t protected for an instant). i asked at the store, but they said they wouldn't be getting any more in and no store i can find listed on bauer's web site seems to carry them. anyone try them or know why they aren't available? I sent bauer an email and am awaiting a response form them. are there other, similar products out there that people have tried? Thanks.

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    I have the knee sleeve version. On my second pair, the fabric tears too easily and the still slide around on me. Also had the rubber outer membrane coating thing that goes over top of the padding to keep it in place on the knee come off and the padding then separated from the fabric. Way overpriced for what you get, IMO.


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      Bauer actually showed off a new version of the Elite protective layer with the PoronXD in it last year in their catalogues. But the whole bankruptcy thing halted the release of a few product lines. I have a feeling the lack of inventory of what you linked might be because of what happened and I'd expect to see the new Bauer Elite base layer line out this year.


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        I use older model of bauer padded shirt and it is great piece, even for the money (overpriced). I donīt use pants, because sizes not fit me (knees are not at place where they should be on my legs).


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          Try Majer in Toronto
          You could also try McDavid Sports they have something similar
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            thanks guys. this helps.


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              The Hockey Shop site is saying they have them in stock. $109.99