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Whats the difference between a 960 and 961?

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  • Whats the difference between a 960 and 961?

    I know it's a very popular design...but besides the fit is there a difference in shell design? Thanks guys!

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    I'm probably wrong but I believe they're the same other than one being certified and one not?


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      This is the best answer I have found


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        I didn't see this in there - the 961 had a smaller backplate than the 960. Additionally, there is an extra chin strap on the 960 which might result in an extra pair of buttons being on the bottom of the mask once removed.

        If you are looking at used masks, there are many models that look very similar to this shape and it can be confusing. Also, people often forget about the 9000 model which was mostly carbon fiber, making the mask very light and susceptible to cracks.

        If you are looking at new versions of this mask, most makers and brands out there have some kind of shape resembling this, sometimes even exactly the same. You might even be able to get a new one from Jerry Wright himself. Unless the original Bauer is a perfect fit (or the name brand means something to you), I'd go the alternative route. I hear the quality of the Bauer pro masks are not what they used to be back when they were Itech branded.


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          960 - certified / 961 - non-certified


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            Now - the only difference is the cage. I've seen Bauer 961 mis-tagged as 960 and vice versa.

            In the Itech days, the 961 had the smaller pro-style backplate and different strapping that did not include snaps for a chin strap.

            The 960 had the giant backplate and the chinstrap. The upper strap doubled back and snapped to itself instead of being snapped to the shell.

            For most of the early years the cages were not interchangeable without drilling new holes for the temple screws. You could always spot the new pros using a cateye on their college or juniors mask because there would only be screws at the forehead and chin.

            Although the shells were identical shape and construction, Itech wanted you to believe you needed a whole new mask to use the cateye