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  • CCM Eflex 1.9 C/A

    I need a new chesty and have been putting it off for a while because of other life obligations ( mortgage , kids, etc...). I play garage league hockey 1-2 times a week. The CCM 1.9 is at a good price and with the limited research I did it seems the only difference between it and the Eflex Pro is the type of materials used and where it's made. Anyone have anything to add ? Price is obviously a driving for e behind my decision , the CCM is going for $320 Can locally. I was considering a Passau but it's $630 with tax and shipping.

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    Crulee: I only tried one on at Pro Hockey Life back in the summer - the arms were very long and my elbow did not stay in the elbow cup no matter how I tried to adjust the arm strapping, the shoulder floaters because of their thickness really interfered with the chin of the mask (I grabbed one off of the rack at PHL) (if your mask has a short chin, it might work out for you). Also the elastic were thinner than the usual Reebok/CCM fare. But the unit seems to be well put together and I think, in retrospect, that it would be protective, especially for beer leaguers. I'd really advise you to a) try one on with your mask and b) wait if you can for the after Christmas sales. I've read reviews where goalies also said the Passau's shoulder floaters interfered with the chin of the mask. Try to get a Passau to try on. Hope it works out for you.


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      I bought the CCM 1.9 about 6 months or so ago and have been very happy. I was coming from a 10 year old Itech that was super worn out and was leaving a ton of stingers/bruises. I have never used pro level gear due to budget reasons but also because I have found for my needs the senior level gear usually does the trick. For reference sake, I play beer league with a few A leaguers and mostly B leaguers, usually only once a week. I also compared it to the Eflex Pro and couldn't tell much of a difference. Also for reference, I tuck in my chesty and like it fairly tight against me. I tried on all the senior level arm/chest from Bauer, CCM and Vaughn (I also wanted to try Warrior but no shops near me carried them). Overall I definitely preferred the CCM. I had the opposite experience from Joethegoalie. For me, I struggled to get the elbow to stay in the right place on all the other brands, and the CCM 1.9 fit my elbow perfectly.

      The first thing I noticed when I put it on, is that it felt massive and like a tank compared to what I was used to. It was definitely stiff for me (especially since I was so used to a soft worn in chesty. It took a few skates to really get used to it but now it feels amazing. I will agree with what was said earlier about the shoulder floaters. I had to play around with their placement to get it to not interfere with my mask. Now I have no issues at all with that though. In the 6 months I've been using it, I have taken one shot to the forearm that was a little stinger, but no bruise or numbness or anything like that. More like I just felt it for sure. The only real stinger I took was a one timer slap shot sliding across the crease out of position that raised up on me and hit me right on the collar part at the very top of the unit. It hit right above my right clavicle and left a little bruise, but I can't even imagine what would have happened with my old unit.

      Personally if budget doesn't allow for something like a Passau (which I also really wished I could have afforded), I feel like this unit is a great option.