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  • Best Piece of Gear Each Brand Makes

    Thought of an interesting topic. What do you think is the best thing that each brand makes? This is not who makes the best leg pads or whatever overall, but instead, solely within the products of a single brand, what is it they do best in your opinion. I'll start with my list. It's not going to be every single brand out there, just the more well known ones. Feel free to comment on whatever brand you want however. I also added a few "Honorable Mentions" (HM) as well, just because I thought there were a few brands that had more than one product that really stood out to me.

    Vaughn: Leg Pads HM: Pants
    Bauer: Skates
    CCM: Blockers HM: C/A
    Brian's: Gloves
    Warrior: Sticks HM: Jock
    Passau: C/A HM: Knee Pads
    Brown: C/A

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    I second the Ccm/koho blockers


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      Gotta second the Brown C/A vote!


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        Brown should get an HM for Pants... I just got a set of the 2300 pants (high collar for tucking goalies). Lighter than the set of Reebok pro returns I was using. Super protective and John's craftsmanship is tough to beat


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          I've always thought Vaughn did a top notch job on catchers.

          Lefevre pads? Whatever name was slapped on them, they always did exactly what they were supposed to.


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            Going against the grain here, but I'm tossing in a Vaughn for blocker vote.

            For whatever reason, I just cannot use a blocker aside from Vaughn. They never sit right with me.

            I also don't believe that a blocker is a blocker is a blocker rhetoric.


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              Warrior: C/A
              Factory Mad: knee guards, glove
              Brown: braces, only because theirs are just THAT much better hands down over ANY other make


              Factory Mad: their neck guard could have been at the top, as there are removable/replaceable/washable contact areas
              Warrior: leg pads
              CCM/Reebok: glove, as the angle is BANG on, but I feel stingers


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                Chest Protector: Brown
                Pants: McKenney or Brown (both are a tie for me)
                Jock: Simmons or Brown (both are a tie for me)
                Pads: McKenney HM Simmons/Vaughn
                Knee Pads: PAW (super beefed up) HM: Vaughn Double Shield/older Reebok Revoke Pro's (the one with the double white knee cap)
                Catch Glove: Vaughn 1 piece cuff HM: Brians
                Blocker: McKenney HM: Reebok or CCM equivalent
                Neck Protector: I'm a fan of the older Vaughn/Heaton horse collar type ones - still use them but will be getting PAW's neck soon


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                  I'd be interested to see a best piece of equipment list including the brand and model name for each piece of gear a goalie wears.

                  Vaughn: pads hm blocker
                  Bauer: skates hm mask
                  CCM: pads
                  Brown: chest hm pants
                  Passau: chest
                  Brians: glove
                  Warrior: sticks


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                    He says as he ignores his own request.

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                    Hahaha just figured I'd be polite and keep this thread on topic. I might start another thread with the topic I requested

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                  Brian's for gloves hands down. I'd say Brown for chesty. Pads all depends on what you want. Helmets. My new choice is Wall. Used to be promasque.


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                    Bauer: Reactor 9000 pants, Reactor 6000 trapper
                    Boddam: Liberator glove
                    Brown: JB-2000 chest
                    Kustom Composites: Fiberglass SK clone
                    PAW: Weird things from your imagination
                    Warwick: anecdotes
                    Vaughn: 5500 glove, V4 blocker
                    TPS: old spec Bionic trapper
                    Sherwood: wood sticks
                    Tackla: 6000 pants
                    Maltese: collar
                    Simmons: 99x blocker