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Is this the "huge" old spec Bionic blocker + glove?

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  • Is this the "huge" old spec Bionic blocker + glove?

    Hi guys - can you tell me - is this the "old spec" goalie blocker and glove or new spec? Or is it just the smaller Sr., not "Pro" model? If anyone has the "huge" bionic blocker to measure - would be of great help! I looked up the rules - it looks like it's new spec in width, but a little longer. Thinking of buying this but trying to make sure.
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    I don't think so

    It's hard to tell if the end of the tape in the right spot on the width measurement. It looks like 7.5 inches wide, but the end of the tape looks to have a gap on the other side. Can't see the other end of the tape on the length pic, but it's coming up short of 16"

    If the blocker is 15x7 it's new spec board sizing, if it's 16x8 it's old pro-spec

    Perimeter of new spec trapper will be 45", old pro spec is 48.

    However, an intermediate glove from the old series also would likely be around 45, and the blocker board would be smaller.

    Need more pics.

    My guess is either new spec or intermediates.

    Senior sizing would have been similar to pro sizing, just different design elements or materials to make it cheaper. As often as not senior would more likely to be bigger instead of smaller than pro


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      Those Bionic Catchers were some of the best catchers I have ever used. I regret selling mine to this day.


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        An easy way to tell is the wrist cuff on old spec gloves was much bigger. This is definitely old.


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          All the bionic stuff is old spec. TPS Summit line was the first to conform the new spec sizing rules brought in around 2005


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            Nope not true.


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