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  • Need Some Strapping Help!!

    Hello all I need your expertise in a little matter that I am having, I have a set of Boddam Refuze with 2 internal breaks. It has a smart strapping system and 2 nylon for the knee and thigh and 1 leather strap for the boot. I am coming from the Boddam Pro Hybrid pads. The way I am strapping them now is I run the boot strap through the middle of the skate. The bottom part of the smart strap is fairly snug and ther upper one is the same. I run the nylon knee strap so it runs behind the knee and it is fairly loose. The top nylon strap I have removed because I felt it wasn't needed. The knee elastic for the knee lock is snug to tight. Now my problem is this

    I am finding that when I go down, it feels like my knee is slightly falling off the stack and it makes my pad feel sloppy (if that makes sense?) I also sometimes have to readjust the pad to center it back, but that only happened a couple of times.

    I have a home made toe tie system with bungees and hooks and that seems pretty good, But I think I may have to tighten them up a little to get more tension

    But any other advise or tips you can give me with a smart trapping would be great
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    here is a pic of the smart strap

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    "I run the nylon knee strap so it runs behind the knee and it is fairly loose" This could be the problem. If that strap is too loose, it may be allowing your knee to fall off the landing pad. If that strap was tighter, that couldn't happen. I would try to tighten that up. It looks like it is adjustable from what I can see in the picture. If not, you could either replace it, or just fold it over and tape it to test it out, and if that works, then sew it in place that way.


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      I'm not sure I get it 100%. In which direction does the knee fall off the stack?

      If it is towards the toe of the pad, your pads are too big for you (from knee down, not the thigh rise). In this case, I would suggest making the toe ties a little tighter. Also, try putting your boot strap below the heel, and make it a little tighter. This should prevent the skate from getting too far from the pad, and ultimately help keeping your knee in place.

      If it is away from the face of the pad, I agree with SrSieve. You should make that nylon strap tighter. Stand up with your leg straight, and tighten the strap as much as possible while still being comfortable. I find that this way the strap is tight, but not overly tight when you stand up or go to a butterfly. Make sure it doesn't hinder the rotation of the pad in a butterfly. Also, you might wanna try to tighten the knee elastic a bit more. Again, make sure it doesn't hinder rotation.

      Hope this helps.


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        How tight is the boot strap through the middle? I also do this and have found I can wear it fairly tight which holds the pad in place but doesn't hinder rotation.


        • Catsmeow35
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          its not super tight, it is 2nd from the last hole. Its snug but not overly. Does that make sense lol

        • sebastiancp1
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          Maybe try one hole tighter?

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        it feels like it is falling off the stack towards the ice. I was thinking about tightening up that one nylon strap as well. was also going to tighten the knee lock and the toe tie little more.

        will see how that pans out.


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          ^^ lol nice...... It should also be said that I wear thigh boards as well But I dont think that would affect my pads feeling like my knee is falling off. would it?.


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            I sold my Bauer S190 for that reason. I've tried everything but my knee kept coming out of the stack. No more pads with just elastic straps for me. In theory they are great but in practice they don't work. I went back to leather strap (Vaughn XF pads) and haven't regretted it.
            Good luck!


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              well tried a couple of things and it was a little better but still feel a little sloppy. I think the problem is with the thigh boards and the actual kneed cradle think it is too wide. I think I may try some knee pads. But not sure on what to get. I have short legs and dont want anything too long. I saw the Paw Knee pads and Knee guards what is the difference between the 2. Any insight on those?


              • sebastiancp1
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                I haven't used PAW knee pads, but have used Sarah for other things and highly recommend her.