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Bauer NXG Pro vs Passau Gen. 2 base model chest protectors

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  • Bauer NXG Pro vs Passau Gen. 2 base model chest protectors

    Hi did a search on here and came up with very little on the NXG and just a little on the Gen. 2 but in my goalie hoardering ways I am thinking of picking up one of these chest protectors in December. I am looking for some feedback from users of both units. How is the protection in each unit through out the arms and chest arm area ? Anybody ever feel any shots in these units or get stingers ? I understand I can get extra padding in the Passau but I am looking for just stock at this time. Also before anybody says get a Brown, I have one already a custom 2300 but I really want to get one of these units and give them a go.
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    I cannot speak to the NXG at all.

    Also, I use the Passau pro pack.

    With that being said, I have been very impressed with the protection of the Passau. The arms are ridiculous, considering the elbow cup is not hard plastic. I took some shots off the sides of my elbows both in my previous RBK unit (known for their elbow protection) and the Passau: the Passau hands down is far better.

    As far as the chest protection goes, I haven't had many problems at all. There were a couple times when I took one off the shoulder floater and it hurt pretty bad, but not only is that part of the job, it would have been far worse in my old units. I had to extend the arms very far out for the unit to fit me, so there is quite a large gap that the shoulder floater covers. The point though is that the Passau is very customisable.

    The other thing to note is the mobility. The Passau feels bulky, but when you get out on the ice, the mobility is incredible.


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      I use the Bauer NXG chest, and I haven't felt any stingers yet, except for one that was a shot from below the goal line that hit the side of my arm. I can't fault the unit too much for that.

      Otherwise, the NXG is the best unit I've had. If you get it sized correctly, it also doesn't interfere with my head movements like my V4 unit did. The way I wear it, it's a wide unit that doesn't ride up too high on me.

      I haven't used a Passau unit, but those that do swear by them, so i suppose the hard part would be trying to find one to try on, which is probably easier to do with a Bauer made unit.


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        Thanks to both of you. Rico as you said the hardest part is ordering something blind. I would like to see and try on a Passau unit. I was just check out a NXG unit, I like it but I am still keep my options open for both. I have tried contacting Passau but it's been over week since I sent my messages with no reply. It's a little upsetting especially when there customer service seems to be top notch. I'm going to end up getting a pair of there Gen 2 knee pads I just hope to hear back from someone there before I order them.

        I used a xxx unit when Bauer 1st came out with them and love which is why I want to give the nxg a shot again but I have always been intrigued by the Passau unit. I just don't want to custom order anything as chances are the 6 to 8 weeks might put it near the end of hockey season. I am just looking at off the shelf right now.


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          Heard back from Passau, got emails from both Hugo and the next day Tim. Worked out an order for knee pads with maltese inserts with Tim and he was great to deal with. Sadly it doesn't look like I am going to be getting ether one of these right now. I am going to have to hold off til next year.