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Help on how to post pictures

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  • Help on how to post pictures

    I would like to be able to post pictures on the site but have never been able to do so - I am technically challenged so if there's a simple explanation I would greatly appreciate it?

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    Go to
    -Click the box that says "choose file". Pick whatever picture it is you wanna upload. Sometimes popup ads happen so be mindful of that. Just x them out.
    -Go to the dropbox next to resize and choose "message board (640x480)". Don't worry about adding tags, its unnecessary.
    -Click Upload Now and do whatever captcha it makes you do.
    -You'll be presented with a bunch of codes, copy the "IMG code for forums and message boards" and paste that code here on the BB. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE ADDRESS FROM THE PAGE. COPY THE IMG CODE.
    -Enjoy your pictures on the GSBB
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      I took these with my phone then emailed it to myself and opened it on a PC with Windows Photo Viewer, then opened it MS Office, compressed the pictures for web pages, and uploaded straight from my PC.


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        Thanks to both will try posting pictures on the weekend!

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      Bumping this for informational purposes


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        Actually, MTH can you make this a sticky?


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          Good call. Done