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Anyone remember the Jofa Bourdon equipment?

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  • Anyone remember the Jofa Bourdon equipment?

    I can clearly remember when I was a kid at Vic's goalie school in Vancouver, some junior player had the trapper. It was a nice looking glove with this kick-*** HUGE cheater on it. The cheater looked like a pocket from a baseball mit. It was the biggest cheater I have yet to see.


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    I used to have one. You are so right about the cheater. It fanned out in a big semi circle, effectively doubling the width of the glove. The 'inner glove' part was on the outside of the back of the glove almost like a players glove sewn on the back.


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      Bryan, I never actually tried on one of those. Were they nice to play with? Did the cheater help? What happened to that company, Bourdon, and why did they quit producing.


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        Bourdon made custom leg pads in the seventies and were popular with the pro's. I thought they were cool looking as a kid and I still have a letter I received from Denise Bourdon from about 1975 after I inquired about their pads. In the late 70's the Montreal goalies were wearing Bourdon gear. This is when I first saw the blocker ( Ken Dryden). In the early eighties I think Denny Herron used the catch glove. It was neat looking but when I tried one on at a pro shop it wasn't very impressive and I thought my Cooper GM21 was much better. About 83'-84' Steve Penney was wearing the leg pads with Montreal. The design had changed a little (even the outside sides were leather) and now they were Jofa! Patty Roy came up in 86' and he was wearing the same set up except he had the blocker too. I got the blocker. If it was the same type glove Dryden, Herron, and Roy used I don't know how they did it. Not very protective. It was like a piece of packing foam on your hand. But it was light and looked cool. I had also gotten the leg pads. Kinda' heavy, looked great, and first pads that I could butterfly and they turned up 90 degrees. Awhile later the pads had the name Audax and that was the last I saw of these pads. Roy wore them before his Lefevres. The gloves disappeared but then I saw a picture of Darren Pang with the 'Hawks and he had Bayard gloves. The blocker looked like the Bourdon blocker and maybe the catch glove. Within the last few years I've seen Panger still wearing this catch glove with his newer Brian's gear when he plays on t.v.


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          The cheater wasn't very stable. A really hard shot could just bend it right back (it was just leather, no plastic). The fit of the glove itself was really nice, they broke in really well molded to your hand.

          I used to have a Bayard catcher too (same model as Pangers was). It was an entirely different beast from the Bourdon/Audan/Audax models. The Bayard stuff wasn't really very good.

          The last incarnation I saw of the Bourdon design was after Jofa stopped marketing them, they were sold as "Pro-Tec-Tion". The blockers and catchers were exactly the same.


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            Hi Bryan,
            Ya I forgot the Protection. Cool.


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              I have a apair of 32" Bourdon/Jofa leg pads....great condition....I still use them...along w/ my koho about extreme differences!

              the iron goalie


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                I used Bourdon pads in the late seventies/early eighties when I played at the midget and junior level. Of course, since Bernie Parent was my goalie hero, I just had to have the same type pads. In the late seventies, Bourdon was one of the most elite brand goalie pads, (Kenesky was another).

                My first pair were 32" size, which were ordered through a local hockey shop. When they arrived, they had a Jofa label sewn on the side next to the Bourdon label. Bourdon was working with Jofa to market their equipment.

                When I was ready move up a size in juniors, I contacted Bourdon direct. I dealt with Denise Bourdon personally, and had them custom made to my sizes. In the early summer, when they were ready, my parents took our family up to Montreal for a vacation. We visited the Bourdon factory in Chambley, Quebec (near Montreal) where we were greeted by Ms. Bourdon who enthusiastically gave us a tour. I was in goalie heaven. We picked up my new (awesome) pads and bought a chest/arm guard unit. I will never forget this event as it was definately one of the great hockey memories for me.

                I never liked the Bourdon C & A however, becuase it was not very protective and I didn't really like the gloves much to even consider them. Back then it was hard to beat the Cooper GM12s (even most of the pros felt the same way).

                By the way, my second pair had the Jofa label omitted. I still have both pair of pads and they are in great condition. I now use Vaughn equipment when I play however as I have found the newer technology, materials, designs to be better.


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                  There used to be a store in Toronto that sold Bayard equipment out of Quebec and the owner of the store told me that Bayard was one of Bourdon's assistants who started making his own gear when Bourdon stopped. If that's true, it explains the similarities between the Bayard and Bourdon equipment that you noticed.