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Pad sizing: Vaughn vs Brians

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  • Pad sizing: Vaughn vs Brians

    I have a pair of vpg 3500's i have worn thru high school, travel, juniors etc, now its time for new pads. I tried on a 36" 5500 and it fit well (it could use +1or2, but im not picky). Now my buddy has a friend who is selling stock 36" beasts (with un-approved logos ) cheap but i heard stock brians sizes are different then stock vaughn (brians takes away from the boot to add to the thigh). Any truth to this? Also i have never tried any brians pads on, should i just stick with what i know?
    Thanks in advance

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    Vaughn sizing

    Brians sizing


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      Originally posted by VaughnVelocity4
      Vaughn sizing

      Brians sizing
      thanks but those are for custom stuff, im in need of stock sizing info.


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        Read the page again and work out what your size would be , that will give you an idea on what your STOCK vaughn/brians pad size should be.



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          Can't comment specifically on Vaughn's as the last time I wore them was years ago. However, I have had two pair of Beast pads and found that they are definitely small in the scoop area. I have X-Hales and they are more than adequate in the sizing that they are stated to be. I have found that altough I loved the way the Beast pad felt, it just didn't sit well where the top of my skate and shin bone met. If I pulled the pad up to fit better, the bottom of my toe was exposed. If I pulled the pad down to cover my toe, it didn't fit in at the base of my shin. I'm sure Brian's would make a custom pad with a larger scoop, but you are talking about stock stuff.


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            Blades, i appreciate the reply, and according to both sites i wear the same size pads. However every stock vaughn fits well and every brians fits differently leading me to believe that i haven't tried a stock pad yet. I dont want to spend a couple of hundred dollars just to buy pads that dont fit, or worse fit like NC is describing (which is exactly what i dont want happening). My dilemma is i have waited far too long to wait the 12 (or however many weeks it is) for new pads.
            thanks again


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              Brians runs smaller compared to other companies.....the only way that you can find out the size is to try different sizes on to see which one fits you better.


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                All companies size differently.

                One thing you can always do is to measure different parts of the pads. If you can measure the 5500 pads you tried on, measure the longest part of the thigh rise, then measure from below the knee on the shin to the point of the toe. Then measure the knee area of the pad.

                Compare those to the beasts and you will have a rough idea of the pad size and or differences.