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40+ goalies...what are you playing?

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  • 40+ goalies...what are you playing?

    Thought stemming from another thread. I'm sure we have a number of 40-50-60 year old guys on here. Personally, I'm still 25 and blessed to still have my flexibility and all. But for you older guys, I'm sure it has waned to some degree.

    What kind of pads are the older guys playing? As you have gotten up in age, and your flexibility/mobility has taken a hit (to whatever degree), have you found yourself changing your playing style and, therefore, pad brand/type? Around what age should I expect this to start happening?

    I'm a pure butterflyer and I love it. I'm doing my absolute most to maintain my flexiness (I know that's not a word), but I know it is coming at some time. I'm just wondering if I'll ever change from the flat-faced boxy pad into something more like a Velocity...softer, flexier, etc., or if I'll ever change my style to more stand-up (I'm sure this will happen at some point...)

    I appreciate any thoughts and insight.


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    50 year old here using reebok larceny pads. Btw, what you haven't taken into account are changes to the position and equipment over time.

    At 25 i might have asked the same question and been talking about older style leather pads vs newer, synthetic material pads (still stuffed with deer hair). No one could have predicted the direction the position and equipment went and who knows what the next 25 years will bring?

    One thing is for certain, you need to keep yourself in decent shape and as free of injuries as possible. I'm concerned what 25 years of butterflying will do you the youngsters of today and whether their knees and hips will be up for playing far into the future. For those that love the game, i hope so.


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      I'll be 40 in January, so not quite there yet. However, my playing style hasn't changed much. I usta could do the splits, can't do that anymore...though I'm sure if I got into my stretching routine I'd get back to it. I can say that I was a b-fly goalie back when coaches used to yell at you for dropping to make saves.

      btoran brings up a good point thought, and this was driven home to me recently. I bought a used set of Subzero's off eBay, find out after the fact it was a high school kid who used them for one season. I met his dad to pick up the pads, and his dad told me that his son had meniscus surgery at 14 or 15 years old. That made me wonder just how younger goalies that play a pure b-fly style are going to hold up when they get older.


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        I'm going to be 43 this month and I've been playing for 6 years now.

        I've always been in a 'box-type' pad. First cheap RBK's, then Vorteks and currently in Warrior Fortress (seriously underrated gear).

        I mostly play butterfly-style, but it more about save selection. If a pad stack is the right move, that's what I'm going to use.

        I haven't noticed any drop-off in my play in the last couple years. No physical issues as of yet. Groin muscles are tight but that because I don't stretch as much as I should.

        I was a part-time personal trainer when I went back to school and I practiced marital arts for 6+ years. I sure that helped a lot with strength,flexibility, and coordination.



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          55 and play predominantly b-fly. Grew up wearing Vaughn, and have stayed with them for the most part over the decades due to the softer, more cushiony construction. Tried a set of RBK P2's about 4 years ago, and couldn't get over how stiff they were. Sold them and went for a set of Vaughn 7900's. Also way too stiff. They hurt my hips and back.

          Today I play exclusively in the double knee break 7500, 7600 and 7800 series pads, and they just feel right. I've added after market big puffy knee blocks to all my pads, and this really helps thwart knee pain.

          I've demoed all the latest and greatest from Brian's, CCM and Reebok, and while all of these pads have features I liked, I'm sticking with the tired and true. They don't cause me to have many hip problems, and in conjunction with my Coreshorts, I have had very few groin pulls over the past couple of years.

          Lastly, you are bang on in suggesting that an older goalie has to stay in shape. We happen to have a gym at work, and I go there everyday to work on my legs, arms and core. Even just doing a quick 10 minute jog on a high incline will really help the legs.


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            im getting close to 40. only been playing on and off for few years. im currently flopping around out there like a fish but im trying to play butterfly. i recently got back into it after a few years off and im using koho 580 pros till I get my new stuff. I have a set of velocity 7800 pro on order. its been about 8 weeks so im hoping they show soon. im hoping the new pads help with my fish problem. I have a hard time getting the 580s to stand up and cant close 5 hole.

            after some research on here and talking with a few people I hope the 7800 was a good choice. I opted for the double break 34+2 and sliding toe bridge in hopes they rotate well and close the gap in 5 hole. I think im in good shape but not very flexable w/ narrow butterfly.


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              I am 45 and in Reebok Revoke Pro returns.
              aprox 34+2 or 34+2.5

              I was trained as strict stand up goalie and now am a hybrid.

              Yes aches and pains are more often as well as strains..
              but nothing you can't handle.



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                Will be 51 in a couple weeks. I grew up playing pure hybrid like Belfour or Brodeur, and after a period of trying to change my game with b-fly box pads I went back to new traditional style pads that let me just play the way I know how. I have two sets of Brown 2100s. For me, my game is quickness and agility over pure flexibility. I'm sure it looks ugly and scrambly next to Carey Price videos but I stop pucks, and that's enough.


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                  57 here, playing in Zero G's. Went from conventional pads to bfly in late 90's. Wasn't till I got my velos did my butterfly style really take over. I will say though, I do have hip problems, cause by combination of age and the bfly which puts lots of wear on hips which are wearing out from age at the same time. I think bfly accelerates it. I cut down last year from 4 times a week to two and I'm playing so much better with the extra rest.


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                    I'm just under 40.

                    I threw a skate save in the mix last night in my A league game. Problably the first skate save used in that league in 10 years.


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                      Originally posted by MTH View Post
                      I'm just under 40.

                      I threw a skate save in the mix last night in my A league game. Problably the first skate save used in that league in 10 years.
                      I throw them out every once in a while. Funny too how some of these kids I play against have no idea what to do when you poke check at them. They're amazed.


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                        Im 44 I own 3 sets of pads I switch back and forth between.

                        Brians Razor Pro DX2's (Ray Emery's)
                        Reebok P3 Retro
                        Reebok Larceny

                        The Brians are my favorite of the 3.

                        The Brians and Reebok are butterfly style and the Larceny a hybrid.


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                          Originally posted by MTH View Post
                          I threw a skate save in the mix last night in my A league game. Problably the first skate save used in that league in 10 years.
                          Hah! Right on.

                          Skate save captured on GoPro -- although, like a good stick-side skate save, I think I'm actually getting my stick on this one.


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                            Thanks for the responses guys. Interesting to get some different perspectives. I guess I hadn't considered that technology may affect both the way we play the position and the condition I'm in when I hit the higher ages. Definitely planning on doing my best to stay in shape, as well.


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                              I am approaching 40. As far as gear, I prefer more hybrid style pads that are flexible and not too boxy. The biggest improvement I have seen since my younger years is the knee stacks make going down much more comfortable. So the knee stacks and a slightly higher thigh rise are really about all that different from my pads compared to 15 years ago. Obviously, the pads have become lighter as well. However, I have to be honest, gloves, blockers, pants, C/A, skates, sticks, masks I do not see as significantly different these days than what was available 15 years ago.

                              I have been told my style mostly resembles Curtis Joseph in his younger years. I am aggressive, react to most shots instead of block, I paddle down often for plays in close, I butterfly or half butterfly on nearly every shot below the waist, I use to be able to recover with the what is considered the wrong leg coming out of a half butterfly faster than other goalies using their correct leg but I have slowed down some now.

                              IMO, I think, and I am guilty of this as well, we blame age too much for our physical abilities slowing down rather than simply not taking care of our bodies. My performance has gone down because I do not eat properly and need to lose about 50lbs. I believe my age and experience has actually increased my performance.