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cant find the stick you want, make your own

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  • cant find the stick you want, make your own

    Well since I used up the last of my wood sticks I loved so much, I was on the hunt for some new ones and being a righty shooting goalie I was having trouble finding one I liked. I picked up 3 foam core ones for super cheap and found out why they broke on me quickly, but they were like $8 on close out so I canít complain really.

    I said hell with it I will just make a few new ones for myself.
    Its not really very hard just has to make sense in costs. There is no point making a stick for $70 if you can buy one for about the same price.

    I had some supplies left over from a project I was working on so in this case it made it easy to do. I spent all of $12 for some paint. The rest was free left over from the project

    Sorry I didnít do a step by step in pictures.

    First I took some birch and ash wood strips and glued them together in one long sheet and compressed them. The glue is a basic urethane resin like gorilla glue with a few things added. Stick the sheet in a big bag and vacuum the air out. This compresses it all perfectly.

    Once I had the wood sheet ready I had a friend rip the sheet into shaft length pieces with a table saw. Then sand and smooth them. Ok well I bought him some beer for doing the work for me so add that cost in.

    Next I made a mold of a stick pattern I liked with mother mold.
    Mother mold is a plastic you mix together and can pour over something it hardens and you can use it as a mold tool. The mold tool donít last thru many molds but is cheap(in this case it was left over from the project so its free).
    Once I have the mold tool I simply lay the stick shaft into the mold tool and pour in foam.
    This foam starts as a bucket of resin you mix together.
    Pours like maple syrup.
    Close mold tight and let set, the heat builds and it turns into foam.

    Now I pull the mold tool apart and pull the part from it.

    Sand and clean up the shape of the new stick and laminate a layer of tooling glass with carbon fiber and Kevlar added, over the front and back of the stick and let cure.

    Once cured sand and paint the new stick.

    In this case I choose to paint it like I did my last sticks. Wanted something blue and red the stars were from a project I did to paint my nephews room. I had decals left over from it and used them to mask off the stick and painted the stars on.

    The shaft is wood. the paddle and blade are foam core with glass, carbon, Kevlar laminated over it.
    The paint is just a roll on type used for painting anything its urethane based
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    Nice job. Were you looking into making sticks at more of a retail level?


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      lol made it sound easy too. "yeah just cut some wood mold foam and laminate carbon fiber and kevlar. Next: DIY car it's just a lot of metal, wires, and some plastic" hahah. Looks real good. On ice review???


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        well its not the first time i made sticks. years ago when skaters were still using aluminum i made some carbon fiber shafts.

        I've also made some goalie sticks before. just that normally its hard to make them cheaper then you can just buy them. in this case i had supplies left over so it was not a problem. i made 3 total and used the one on the ice sunday and it worked well.

        honestly its easy once you know the steps. trust me a monkey can make a composite or foam core stick if he has the right tools.

        a wood stick now that takes skills
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            Originally posted by ShellSh0cked View Post
            lol made it sound easy too. "yeah just cut some wood mold foam and laminate carbon fiber and kevlar. Next: DIY car it's just a lot of metal, wires, and some plastic" hahah. Looks real good. On ice review???
            kicksave makes everything sound easy. lol


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              What about using a composite shaft from a broken player stick?


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                it would work, but the only problem is i think the player composite shafts break too easy.

                i used wood for the shaft because i make a lot of saves off the shaft, so i wanted something that would hold up well.


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                  What about adding something to the wood? like the carbon strips that are seen on a 9950? I am just thinking that a wooden shaft might lose its springiness.


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                    Based on the star motif, I would like to take a shot in the dark and guess you're a wizard. Correct?

                    I saw this post about twenty minutes after you put it up, I was just too awestruck to reply. Beautiful work, and it sounds like durability won't be much of an issue.

                    Two enthusiastic thumbs up. Five golden stars.


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                      you could add carbon to the shaft, but i wanted to keep the stick light and carbon can delamanate from the wood being on the outside.

                      the idea i had afterword was doing shafts that are wood but have carbon fiber sheets bonded in between each wood layer. have the wood pressure treated with resin.

                      idea 2 for a good goalie stick is making the whole thing shaft, paddle and blade foam core, but alining carbon fiber into the foam in the shaft and then skinning the while stick in carbon.

                      idea 3 make a hollow shaft from carbon with inner walls designed in. i have a detailed design for this.
                      I used a prototype plan i designed for a wing spar for a fighter plane.
                      i feel as a pure shaft it would work, but again every added thing adds cost and the idea is to balance cost,stick life and performance.

                      mainly my reason for the wood shaft in the first place is it will hold up much longer then a carbon fiber shaft. i tested and used a number of composite sticks and every brand out there i find the shaft is the weak point of a goalie stick when they are the hollow composite shaft.

                      the performance is good but this means they are more likely to break. I feel the wood still holds up the longest.

                      obtw wizard? no i was kind of going for a Captain America look.


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                        This is awesome! Looks solid!


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                          Where do you get the foam and mother mold for this?
                          Would you mind going a bit more in depth with this process?


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                            mother mold is a general term. you can make a mother mold from a plaster and fiber mix. gauze and plaster like you make a face mold from would work fine.

                            the mother mold i used was a special plastic paste. we use it to make prototyping parts. its a plastic with a hardening agent added.

                            after about a dozen molds on a very basic form you will kill the mold it starts falling apart.

                            a good mold to make sticks would be aluminum or a fiberglass with a multi part set up. this means several parts you put together and cast your parts in them and then you pull the mold apart and remove the new part and put it back together and do the next one.

                            the foam is a 3 part mix. i mix part A and B and then add in part C.

                            pour into the mold and it sets up and forms a foam.

                            it starts as a syrup like liquid

                            you ever see foam in a can? think like that but a bit different. more dense.

                            the hardest part is the shafts. you have to have them cut the right size and shaped and sanded. then fit into the mold so they have the right angle.

                            one set in place you pour the foam mix in and it sets up.

                            adding the glass is super easy and anyone could do it.

                            (added this because someone asked) the wood shaft runs thru the entire paddle. it stops short of the heel by an inch. the wood is held in by the foam. the foam forms around it and sticks to it just like a glue.
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                              thought id update this since someone had ask me to tell how they hold up.

                              i have built sticks before and many things that use the same process and i been working in composites a Longgggg time but after a handful of games/pick ups. this is how stick one looks so far.

                              the pics are just from a camera phone. no damage other then some paint chips. you can see the kevlar showing in 2 of the pics (its the yellow under the chips).

                              the curve i set in the foam works great and i am very happy with how they turned out. i may make a few more if i can get my buddy to cut me a few more shafts
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