Hello all,

About a year ago I bought an Intermediate Reebok Revoke 9000 Glove and it still hasn't broken in. When I get set up for a shot I push the glove against my pad so it opens up more, is that affecting it? I have tried putting it under my mattress, stuffing pucks in it and taping it closed, putting it in a skate baker, and I have had it for a year. It isn't breaking in and it's affecting my glove saves and abilities. Please help.

Thanks A Lot,

Cami #24

(If you need the link to see the glove, here it is: Reebok Revoke 9000 Int. Goalie Glove

I have the white/royal/red one on the bottom, if you look on the bottom left corner, and go three gloves to the right, that one is mine)

Thank you SO much!