Blackstone Skate Sharpener - 2 years old - low use (still on original grinding wheels). For pictures check my ads on eBay (eBay item number: 121602997809), Craigslist (item number 4897978548), or Kijiji:

Relocating for personal reasons and I need this machine gone.

They no longer make this exact machine; it has the single point diamond dresser for the right hand head, and the Flat Bottom V Spinner system on the left hand head (holds 4 FBV diamond dressing spindles).

Note that this machine also includes everything you need to profile skates.

I have every single item listed on the invoices (a few less brochures and stickers than I initially received), and a lot of them have never been used. Spare wheels, wheel dressings, FBV literature, you name it.